Lough Erne Fishing Well On The Mayfly

Lough Erne Fishing Well On The Mayfly

Yesturday Saturday the 5th of June we fished the lake the fly has been scattered over the lake in most areas now. We fished around Kesh and found some fly. On the warmer parts of the day the fish seem to be come up to dries but in the wave when the cold wind picked up the wet fly was needed.

We have been playing around with wets and found the very green wet mays and florescent green dabblers are working far beyond any other wets.

Steven had a nice fish of 3 lbs on one of our Green wulffs with the florescent rib around mid day.

Later in the day a cold wind was blowing but when we found fly we found fish. Having tried the dry in the wave with no sucess we went onto wets and had 2 nice fish one each on bright green wet flies. This is the shade of green works and the bright green body head or tag seemed to be the attraction.

We ended up with 3 fish and brought another 4 to the flies.

Sebastian McMichael

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