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Metz Neck Hackle Average Sizes Claret Magenta

Metz Neck Hackle Average Sizes Claret Magenta

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Our genetic hackles are selected from some of the world’s best genetic farms. We select and dye these hackles to give you the colours that fish well and tie quality flies. We have been asked so often for smaller bunches of genetic hackles we had to create this product.

How To Choose

Average Size

This is a selection with a range of feather sizes in them. The size range is an average size range. You will find lots of genetic feathers suitable for the size stated on the label. Along with this you may get some larger and some smaller tailing and bearding flies.

 This option is Genetic Neck Hackles from Metz Genetic Rooster Necks 

We call these wet fly hackles because they tend to be slightly tapered and are perfect for wets and bob flies but they can work as a dry fly hackle as well and are really versatile hackles for lots of uses. 

As you can see we do most of our own dying and have a wide range of colours available. 

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