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Sunray Shadow

Sunray Shadow

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Bann Valley are an Irish based fly fishing business we specialise in high quality trout, salmon, seatrout flies as well as bass pike and saltwater fly fishing flies.   We have a range of flies for Irish loughs, Stillwater flies for large and small reservoirs and wild fisheries expertly tied using the best materials dyed by and picked by our team to create the flies that work consistently.  The sunray shadow is a very useful fly for stiring up fish out of the holding areas. This fly fished either on a floating or sinking line will trigger savage takes of upset the fish somtimes they will leave the pool. Try it as a last resort and if they dont take the fly come down the pool with smaller flies after fishing through with a sunray and you might find that tactic will produce a fish. The sunray is a firm favourit icelantic salmon fly but works almost anywere. The sunray shadow will also take large brown trout in streamy water and seatrout they seem to take it as an elver or glass eel imitation.

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